Our Second Challenge


Field Inspection Tool for Composite Overwrap Repairs over Carbon Steel Pipelines and Piping

PETRONAS is looking for an effective inspection tool to examine and monitor the integrity of the composite overwrap repairs used on top of carbon steel pipelines and piping (for gas and oil). The program will cover all repairs performed using different types of composites.

Proposals are requested for innovative and commercially viable inspection technology solutions for inspecting overwrap repairs that shall meet the following requirements:
• A reliable & robust inspection tool to monitor the integrity of the composite overwrap and the repaired metal pipe
• For both onshore and offshore environment, down to splash zone (but not submerged)
• For online inspection 
A non-destructive technique (NDT)
A non-hazardous technique complying to offshore Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) requirements
• Portable, easily transportable to site, rapid setup and dismantling, adaptable to different pipe sizes, as well as adaptable to welds, bends and flanges. 
Detect, locate, measure, classify and differentiate the various composite defects per ISO 24817
Able to inspect the metal loss at the metal pipe (internal & external) under the composite overwrap, and also disbondment between the composite overwrap and the metal pipe
Repeatable, calibrated against a standard sample 
Also applicable for carbon and glass thermoset and thermoplastic composite wraps
Meets all international regulatory requirements related to upstream activities with good and modern petroleum practices globally.



• Respondents must submit the proposals by 29 September 2017.
• Respondents must ensure no confidential information is submitted at this stage.
• Shortlisted candidates will be contacted by the Technology Challenge committee for further clarification after the initial screening.
• The winner of this challenge will be announced by March 2018
• As this is a crowdsourcing exercise, this Challenge is NOT limited to existing PETRONAS licensed vendors only.


The selected solution provider will have the opportunity to deploy their proposal at a designated asset in return for, upon success, replication of the solutions to other PETRONAS designated assets. Successful deployment will earn registration as a qualified vendor for field inspection solution for composite overwrap repairs over carbon steel pipelines and piping.

See your solutions and ideas in action in our fields and collect valuable performance data from deployment!


In the last decade, composite overwrap repair has become a predominant repair method for carbon steel pipelines and piping in the Oil & Gas industry. As opposed to the early design motivation of being a temporary makeshift repair, advancement in the composite overwrap technologies has let the industry to expect that the service life of these repairs to last for decades. 

In fulfilling such expectation and in ensuring operational safety, the industry therefore requires regular monitoring and inspection on composite overwrap repairs over carbon steel pipelines and piping. PETRONAS is calling for proposals of such field inspection tools. 


PETRONAS invites proposal with the following criteria:
1. Meet all requirements stated in the “REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL DESCRIPTION” section. 
2. Meet all international safety standards (conform to ASME PCC-2 performance requirements).
3. Meet international reliability standards (ISO 24817 & ISO 14692).
The technology solution proposal shall be cost effective for implementation.
Solution ready for pilot project latest by 2018.
The system Technology Readiness Level (TRL) must meet at least TRL 4 (refer to API 17 N Technology Readiness Level).

The review of all submissions will be handled by PETRONAS. PETRONAS reserves the sole and absolute right and discretion to select the shortlisted respondents and the successful submission. The evaluation of proposals and determination of selected proposal(s) will be made by our internal team.

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