Our Third Challenge

Onshore Hydrocarbon Recovery From Sludge ​


PETRONAS is looking for innovative and economic solutions in sludge treatment to recover hydrocarbon onshore.

Proposals should focus on the improvement of current technologies and the combination of oil recovery with sludge disposal in order to comply with both resource reuse recommendations and environmental regulations.

In fulfilling such expectations, proposals shall meet the following requirements:
• Application of ‘Green Technology’ 
• 90% or higher target for the oil recovery from sludge
• Ten (10) working days duration for complete sludge removal from tank and hand over to maintenance
• Separated oil shall be of quality for sending back to crude tank
• Separated water shall be of quality meeting the inlet of the Effluent Water Treatment Plant (“EWTP”)
• 30% cost reduction from conventional oil recovery methods from sludge (waste)
• Able to treat sludge at ambient temperature, which negates the use of an inlet heater prior to treatment

Proposals shall also include relevant technical data and/or information with regards to the technology proposed.



Respondents must submit the proposals by 31 January 2018.

• Respondents must ensure no confidential information is submitted at this stage.
• Shortlisted candidates will be contacted by the Technology Challenge Committee for further clarification after the initial screening.
• The winner of this challenge will be announced in July 2018.

As this is a crowdsourcing exercise, this Challenge is NOT limited to existing PETRONAS’ licensed vendors.


The selected solution provider will have the opportunity to deploy their proposal at a designated asset in PETRONAS and upon success, potential replication of the solutions to other PETRONAS’ designated assets. For the deployment, the selected solution provider shall bear all costs incurred and provide ancillary for the deployment.

See your solutions and ideas in action and collect valuable performance data from deployment!


In the petroleum industry, processing crude oil annually generates massive quantities of oily sludge during the various stages of crude oil operations from exploration to refining. Oily sludge is a complex mixture of numerous components such as petroleum hydrocarbons, water, heavy metals and solid particles. Its composition is dependent on the composition of the stored crude, storage conditions, storage period and the design and mechanical conditions of the storage tank.

Owing to its hazardous nature and associated waste management difficulties, oily sludge has become a critical problem in most crude oil terminals and refineries.

Development of treatment strategies for oily sludge to reduce their environmental burden has received increased global attention and PETRONAS is calling for such proposals.


PETRONAS invites proposal with the following criteria:
1. Meets all requirements stated in the “REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL DESCRIPTION” section. 
2. Meets all international safety standards.
The system Technology Readiness Level (“TRL”) must meet at least TRL 5 (refer to API 17 N Technology Readiness Level).
*Note: As per API 17 N Scale, TRL 5 is defined as System Tested (Production system interface tested)

Proposed solutions may include, but are not limited to:
• Physical / mechanical methods
• Chemical methods
• Biological methods

The review of all submissions will be handled by PETRONAS. PETRONAS reserves the sole and absolute right and discretion to select the shortlisted respondents and the winner. The evaluation of proposals and determination of selected proposals will be made by our internal team.

Shortlisted proposals may be requested to perform lab scale and/or field trials at respondent’s own cost where PETRONAS will advise the selected third party laboratory.

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