Education & Human Capital Development

Recognising that the petroleum industry is a key contributor to the nation’s development, PETRONAS works closely with the Sudan government on efforts to facilitate technology and skills transfer via formal education and skills development programmes.

Under our Education Sponsorship Programme, we have awarded merit-based full scholarships to Sudanese students to study at our Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS (UTP). Presently, Sudanese students make up the largest intake of foreign students at the university.

PETRONAS also awards annual grants to Sudan’s top students, enabling them to pursue studies in Petroleum Engineering and Geosciences at universities in Sudan, and to Sudanese who enrol in post-graduate programmes at UTP.

In the area of vocational education, PETRONAS has collaborated with the Khartoum State Ministry of Education to establish the Khartoum Vocational Training Centre (KVTC) in Omdurman and Oumbadda to help build capability in automotive and refrigeration technologies.

Class modules at the KVTC include a nine-month training programme, intensive English courses and a three-month industrial training programme for all students.

PETRONAS’ contributions to the KVTC include providing full-time trainers and outfitting the centre’s workshop with training infrastructure.

In November 2005, the KVTC held its first graduation ceremony for 39 trainees.

Through our training subsidiary PETRONAS Leadership Centre (PLC), PETRONAS helped Sudan’s Ministry of Energy and Mining set up its Petroleum Training Centre, which conducts management and technical training courses for Sudanese petroleum professionals. PMTSB’s management training centre, PETRONAS Leadership Centre (PLC) has also assisted in facilitating on-the-job training attachments for Sudanese nationals at various PETRONAS operating units in Kuala Lumpur.