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The MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS Formula One Team has once again secured the top podium at the 2014 Formula One Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.
The team’s driver, Lewis Hamilton was named winner of the 2014 FIA Formula One World Drivers’ Championship* at the final race this year after he and teammate Nico Rosberg locked up the top two spots in the Drivers’ standings – a series of continuous success in the 2014 championship, right from the season starting at the Australian Grand Prix in March this year.
“Hard work, commitment and practice have paid off. Congratulations to Lewis Hamilton, Nico Rosberg and everyone who have gone above and beyond their usual call of duty to contribute to our well -deserved victory. Indeed, it is a great honour to be a part of this triumph as PETRONAS celebrates its 20th year in Formula One next year,” said PETRONAS President and Group Chief Executive Officer, Tan Sri Dato’ Shamsul Azhar Abbas.
“We have worked tirelessly for many years, challenging ourselves, and this result is testimony that strong partnership fuels efficiency and performance. This is a milestone achievement for PETRONAS and we aim to keep the MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS Formula One team ahead with our Winning Formula,” he added.
The partnership between PETRONAS and Mercedes-Benz dates back to 2010, when the Silver Arrows works team joined the grid for the first time since 1955 and revived one of the most prestigious traditions in motorsport. Together, PETRONAS and the MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS Formula One Team collaborated to co-engineer a brand new range of customised fuels and lubricants that help to provide a competitive edge on track in 2014 and beyond.
Executive Director of MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS Formula One Team, Toto Wolff said, “It has been an incredible season and, after a pretty stressful race in Abu Dhabi, such a great feeling to be able to celebrate our new world champion, Lewis. But as we celebrate, we must not forget Nico: he has delivered a season worthy of a world championship and shown his true sporting stature today as well.
“Somewhat incredibly, that win was our sixteenth of the season. Congratulations to each and every person who have contributed to that success, and particularly to our friends and colleagues at PETRONAS who have supported our team for the past five years. We have been working ever closer, especially since the development of the new hybrid engine, fuels and lubricants, and I am delighted that we have now together powered our MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS team to World Championship success,” he said.
Meeting the challenges following the changes in FIA regulations in Formula One this year has been achieved through PETRONAS Fluid Technology Solutions™ – an intelligent approach to fluid requirements that maximises performance through tailor-made product offerings and expert services. The characteristics of the PETRONAS PRIMAX fuel and the way it performs during combustion are key to an efficient, powerful and reliable engine operation, while PETRONAS SYNTIUM lubricants play a crucial role ensuring reliable performance of the Power Unit.
These lubricants are specially designed alongside the Mercedes-Benz F1W05 Hybrid by a team of experts working closely with engineers at Mercedes AMG High Performance Powertrains in Brixworth and the MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS Formula One Team in Brackley and as a result, PETRONAS Primax and PETRONAS Syntium have done outstandingly in providing efficiency and performance to the team under the regulations set by the FIA this year requiring cars to run on 30% less fuel.
The same technical expertise that delivers the lubricants used to power Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg's F1W05 Hybrid car, is also put into practice in delivering the lubricants that power everyday road-going cars. Leveraging on Formula One as its ultimate test bench, PETRONAS’ scientific team use the same approach in developing customised fluid solutions in extreme and demanding situations to engineer technologically superior lubricants and oils for road going cars. Ultimately, the same concerns apply – maximising engine power, efficiency and durability whilst reducing fuel consumption.
*Subject to official confirmation by the FIA of the results of the 2014 FIA Formula 1 World Championship
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25 November 2014