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KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 16 – PETRONAS wraps up its festive campaigns for 2017 with the release of a webfilm in conjunction with the upcoming festival of lights celebration.

Titled "Arathi’s First Love", the webfilm follows the five young talents featured in all of PETRONAS’ festive webfilms this year as they experience another valuable life lesson through friendship and the spirit of forgiveness.

The webfilm centres on the main character, Arathi, and her growing fondness towards a new transfer student, Ivan. Her friends mischievously tease and make fun of her new “love interest” which unintentionally end up hurting her feelings. They later realise their mistakes and muster the courage to apologise to Arathi during Deepavali. She willingly accepts the apology and forgives her friends as she learns the importance of forgiveness and how a simple act can strengthen and deepen their friendship.

In line with its longstanding commitment to promote social cohesion and harmony, PETRONAS, through its festive campaigns, strives to capture Malaysia’s multi-cultural diversity as well as the shared values that bind and make up the nation’s unique social fabric. 

PETRONAS Senior General Manager of Group Strategic Communications, Zahariah (Liza) Abd Rahman said: “Arathi’s First Love marks the final festive webfilm production by PETRONAS this year. We are proud to close our festive campaigns for 2017 by presenting another warm and relatable Malaysian story that we hope will leave a lasting impression in the mind of every Malaysian."

Liza added that the webfilm also espouses the essence and spirit of Deepavali, which is celebrated to kindle the light of wisdom, kindness and compassion.

“PETRONAS hopes its messages for social cohesion and unity continue to resonate strongly with all Malaysians and serve to remind us of the many intrinsic values that bind and unify us together as a nation."

Viewers may log on to to view the webfilm which was available from 14 October 2017 onwards. A 90-second television commercial excerpt of the webfilm will also be aired till 27 October 2017.


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