Kertih IPC

PETRONAS’ Integrated Petrochemical Complex (IPC) located within the PETRONAS Petroleum Industry Complex (PPIC) in Kertih, Terengganu is an important link in our gas value chain.  Receiving gas feedstock from the fields offshore Terengganu, the Kertih IPC principally consists of ethylene-based petrochemical plants.  The plants located within this IPC include two ethylene crackers, a polyethylene plant, an ethylene oxide/ethylene glycol plant, a multi-unit derivatives plant, vinyl chloride monomer/PVC plants, ammonia/synthesis gas plants, an acetic acid plant, an aromatics complex and a low-density polyethylene plant.  These plants are owned and operated mainly on a joint venture basis with various foreign partners with the technological expertise and experience, financial strength and market access to add value to the business.
The petrochemical plants are integrated with the common shared infrastructure facilities and other related process plants, including PETRONAS' six gas processing plants and the Kertih Refinery at the PPIC.  The IPC is supported by a storage and distribution terminal with a throughput of approximately 2.7 million tonnes per annum (tpa). The terminal is owned and operated by a joint venture in which PETRONAS has a 40 per cent interest.  The supporting Kertih marine facilities include six berths that can accommodate chemical tankers of up to 40,000 dead weight tons.