Application Information

Applicants are advised to have full understanding of PETRONAS Licensing and Registration General Guidelines (Panduan Am Permohonan Lesen dan Pendaftaran PETRONAS) and to ensure compliance with the general requirements before submitting application for license or registration.

Definition of Application Type

Type of Application​ Products/Services Applicability​ Users of Products/Services​
License​ ​Company with a valid license is allowed to supply goods/services to both the upstream sector of the oil and gas industry in Malaysia and the downstream activities of PETRONAS including maritime activities. For example :
PCSB, Production Sharing Contractors (PSCs), Fabrication Contractors, MISC, PETRONAS subsidiaries and associate companies (where applicable). ​
Registration Company with a valid registration is allowed to supply goods/services to the downstream activities of PETRONAS, including maritime activities.

For example :
PETRONAS subsidiaries such as PP(T)SB, PP(M)SB, ABF, PFK, PDB, PGB, MISC and other applicable companies, etc ​