Society and Community Engagement


We strive to uphold responsible growth by balancing business and societal value creation in all that we do. Wherever we operate, our approach to corporate social responsibility plays a part in promoting holistic value creation going beyond philanthropy. Our underlying aspiration is to spur lasting socio-economic development, one that is driven by people. We promote the development of human capital and wellbeing through generating economic prospects, developing the workforce, respecting human rights, and investing in initiatives which can return long-term benefits to the community.

In adherence with our Social Performance Framework, we address non-technical considerations across the Health, Safety, Environment, Socio-economic and Cultural, as well as Security. We also conform to international social standards and legal requirements in countries of operations in making holistic business decisions.

Community Engagement

We conduct regular engagements with communities living around our areas of operation. These are to enhance their understanding of our activities and address any concerns they may have. Health promotion, first aid training, health screening, are among other community activities we conduct. ​​​