PETRONAS recognises that conserving biodiversity is a key issue globally. We have conducted biodiversity risk mapping Group-wide, assessing 48 operating sites.
We have also established biodiversity risk factors at each operating site based on existing ecological settings. Mitigation measures are put in place by operations, type of biodiversity monitoring conducted and community dependency on biodiversity.
We support and partner with others on initiatives with a long term impact to conserve the natural heritage for the benefit of present and future generations. For example, we have actively supported the ecoCare™ rehabilitation initiative for the conservation of the Kertih River mangrove habitat since 2005. The programme, run by our subsidiary OPTIMAL Group in partnership with the Malaysian Nature Society, has brought staff and the community together as we work hand in hand to plant mangrove seedlings and be educated on the importance of this habitat to the wellbeing of the area’s ecosystem. Mangrove seedlings grown so far have an average survival rate of 40%.
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