Earth Hour

Reimagining Energy™ - Going Beyond Earth Hour with PETRONAS
Do more for Mother Earth beyond the hour!
Come 31 March 2012, the world's largest ever voluntary action where people, businesses and governments in more than 140 countries across every continent will come together to pledge our unambiguous commitment to the one thing that unites us all – the Earth.
Once again, PETRONAS stands united in support of the underlying message behind this global symbol of hope and movement for change, by symbolically switching off all non-essential lights from 8:30pm to 9:30pm at the PETRONAS Twin Towers, the Suria KLCC shopping mall and all 973 petrol stations nationwide.
Learn About What You Can Do
Against the backdrop of rising energy demand and growing environmental concerns, we’re committed to finding new ways to minimise our carbon footprint as much as we can. In spreading the conservation message and creating awareness of what you can do to help, come join us at  the countdown event this 31 March 2012 at the Suria KLCC Esplanade with local celebrities, from 8pm onwards and get your exclusive Suria KLCC Earth Hour LED Candle for free (first come first serve!). Please visit www.facebook/suriaklcc for more details on the exciting activities lined up. Please visit PETRONAS official Facebook and YouTube portals at and www.facebook/petronas1 to catch your favourite local celebrities with their tips and advice to go beyond the hour.
Going Beyond the Hour
PETRONAS’ commitment to reduce energy consumption and enhance our energy efficiency is entrenched in our Sustainability Framework. By gradually implementing various initiatives across the Group, we are effectively producing less carbon across all levels of our operations.
To power the towers’ air conditioning for example, we use chilled water produced by the Gas District Cooling (GDC) plants using natural gas. This method generates less CO2 emissions compared to conventional cooling using electrcity.
Over the past three years, we successfully reduced our chilled water consumption used for air conditioning (measured as refrigeration ton per hour (Rth), saving three million Rth. That’s equivalent to turning off more than 1500 home air conditioning units for a year!
The PETRONAS Twin Towers also reduced its power consumption during the same period from 64 million kilowatts hour (kWh) to 60 million (kWh), equivalent to taking 517 cars off the road.
Our operating units continue to achieve energy savings resulting in lower resource consumption and GHG emissions through long term initiatives such as Energy Loss Management (ELM).
From April 2006 to March 2011, PETRONAS’ Downstream and Gas & Power businesses for example, achieved cumulative energy savings totalling in excess of 22.2 million mmBTUs. That's enough energy to light 7.4 million light bulbs for a year! The amount of CO2 reduced is equivalent to taking 226,569 average passenger vehicles off the road for an entire year! 
A Continuous Commitment
Our pledge is to continue balancing global energy demand responsibly and in a sustainable manner. Balancing the energy requirements for development and caring for the environment remains a global challenge but it is one that we are committed to achieve. This is our challenge, to find new solutions, to do things differently, to find alternative sources of energy and to continuously meet energy demands as we move towards a more sustainable future.
Recent Group Initiatives
As a Group, PETRONAS considers environmental stewardship and carbon footprint including biodiversity, natural resource use and emissions in all our business activities. We continue to assess our performance and strengthen processes across the lifecycle of our business activities to meet internal environmental goals and support responsible actions and conservation initiatives at our areas of operation.
Steam Trap Enhancement at PETLIN
The efficient use of energy helps reduce carbon emissions and lowers cost. Various efforts by our operating units have been carried out since 2008. These include the Steam Trap Enhancement Project at PETLIN (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd (PETLIN). A steam trap is basically automatic valves that open and close to discharge condensate and non-condensable gases with the least amount of steam and heat loss.
At PETLIN, the Steam Trap Enhancement Project was carried out to address issues that affect the heating process and maintenance cost. PETLIN has now introduced and enhanced steam trap design which uses natural resources more efficiently with lower greenhouse gas emissions (GHG). To date, 18 new steam traps have been installed.
Renewable Energy
At PETRONAS, we are exploring sources of energy from alternative or renewable sources to help meet growing energy demand. Focusing on solar, PETRONAS, through wholly-owned subsidiary PETRONAS Power Sdn Bhd (PPSB), secured a 10.02MWp of Feed-in Tariff (FIT) quote from the Sustainable Energy Development authority (SEDA) in Malaysia. The allocated FIT quota will allow PETRONAS to kick-start our first Solar Independent Power Producer project, which we plan to complete by 2014.
Development of Product Carbon Footprint
At PETRONAS, we have compiled preliminary product carbon footprint data for composite crude oil, natural gas, Methyl Tertiary Butyl Ether (MTBE) and Propylene. The carbon footprints of these products provide fundamental input for the computation of other products’ carbon footprint. This essentially means that we are now able to monitor the carbon footprint of our existing products as well as new products that we manufacture in the future. This will of course lead to better management of our dwindling resources.
Helping Consumers Lower Vehicle Emissions through Natural Gas for Vehicles (NGV)
Smog in highly dense cities has become something of a norm due to the increasing number of vehicles on the road each day. With natural gas being the cleanest form of fossil fuel, it makes sense for all vehicles to run on NGV in the future, For almost 20 years now,
PETRONAS has made NGV commercially available since 1992. The use of NGV enables consumers to lower their carbon footprint through use of cleaner fuel for their vehicles for better air quality. Due to its lack of commercial viability, PETRONAS is still the only NGV retailer with 170 outlets in selected congested urban areas in Malaysia.
Please visit www.facebook/suriaklcc for more details on the exciting activities lined up for Earth Hour. Please click on (Facebook and YouTube) to catch local celebrities making their pledge of support and more!
For more information on our sustainability efforts, click here to download our Sustainability Report