Environmental Management

Our efforts are centered on managing air emissions, wastewater, hazardous waste, soil and groundwater as stipulated by the PETRONAS HSE Mandatory Control Framework, subject to applicable laws and regulations in areas of operations. 

Environmental assessments are conducted at various phases of a project, whereas timely audits and risk management facilitate effective day-to-day operations.

The PETRONAS Water Practices and Water Management Guidelines help us use water more efficiently, and better manage effluents across our operations. The development of a water risk assessment methodology encourages proactive control measures to address potential concerns, such as emerging regulations on fresh water and water stress analysis.

We strive to reduce, reuse, recycle and recover waste by adopting industry good practice. We seek to minimise waste generation at the front-end design and engineering stages. Efforts are ongoing to strengthen internal processes and capabilities in the areas of waste identification, characterisation, handling and disposal. ​