Corporate Governance

Corporate governance is vital to our value creation and business excellence. Our continuous commitment to foster a culture of integrity, ethical behaviour and professionalism underpins our ability to remain a resilient organisation. This promotes higher levels of accountability and transparency.

Our policies are aligned to applicable laws and regulations of countries where we operate, in view of stakeholder’s expectations on good corporate citizenship.

The PETRONAS Board of Directors, supported by the relevant Sub-Committees, provide effective foresight on the business’ strategic direction as stipulated in the Board Charter, aligned with all applicable laws.  

The Executive Leadership Team (ELT) assists the President and Group CEO in managing the organisation’s strategic business development plans and growth strategies, including cross-business issues of the PETRONAS Group.

The Board and ELT collectively ensure that PETRONAS delivers upon its obligations in a responsible manner, ensuring all aspects of business decision making adhere to strict ethical standards.