Occupational Health & Wellness

Our occupational health strategy caters for the needs of an evolving energy industry. The focus being to sustain optimal health levels by promoting a lifestyle which prevents work-related diseases.

Our health standards and guidelines stipulated in the PETRONAS MCF and Technical Standards are aligned to industry good practices, and tailored to meet the unique requirements at varying operating locations.

Health Risk Assessments (HRAs) and Fitness to Work (FTW) assessments for example are mandatory ​for all new as well as existing operations.  Timely advisories on public health concerns such as Ebola and haze are made available in a timely manner using a variety of channels. Staff are also provided 24/7 medical assistance, including during business travels.

Our people are empowered to prioritise on health and wellbeing. Committees are set-up across our Businesses and Operating Units, comprising Occupational Health practitioners and staff to develop, implement and oversee the execution of relevant health promotion programmes as well as plans, especially on communicable diseases. Relevant programmes are also held for third-party personnel and local community members​