Emergency Preparedness and Crisis Management

Our aim is to achieve sustainable Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE) performance and ensure everyone goes home safely. The PETRONAS HSE Policy sets out our commitment in upholding the safety of people, assets and the environment. The PETRONAS HSE Policy, applicable wherever we operate, ensures every person at our vicinity does the right thing, every time. The HSE Mandatory Control Framework and relevant control mechanisms as per our technical standards and Zero Tolerance Rules (ZeTo) translate the PETRONAS HSE Policy into action.  Timely due-diligence and risks assessment findings, including intervention plans, are deliberated at the Board Audit Committee for continuous improvements.

Our HSSE Executive Leadership Team (ELT), led by the President and Group Chief Executive Officer, provides leadership and guidance to further strengthen our existing HSSE practices across the PETRONAS Group.

Our HSSE performance is regularly tabled for the PETRONAS ELT and Board’s oversight.​